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Only unopened, non-consumed products are eligible for a return/refund. See following for the maximum allowable return date. 

  • GROCERIES (2 days)

  • MEATS (within 12 hours)

  • PRODUCE (within 12 hours)

  • SEAFOOD (within 12 hours)

  • NON-FOODS (within 3 days)




In the growing digital age we value your private information greatly and keep all datas and relevant informations private.

We may use your information/data for the following:

  • Relaying product informations, notices, and recalls

  • Ordering high demand products

  • Website development

  • Improving customer service


Informations we collect:

  • Contact, education and job histories for job applications

  • Last 4 digits of credit card payments are stored temporarily for any possible disputes, etc

  • In the event of a dispute, personal informations such as contact will be stored to better communicate between parties. 



  • We may use google analytics which tracks visitors to our websites for the purpose of demographic studies and business development. However, personal identifiable information will not be tracked.

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